Compared to other Scottish lochs it is quite a shallow shoreline, but at its mid point at Eilean an Ruisg, (the small island in the middle), it is very deep close in.
This is a good mark if the weather is bad because the loch is very sheltered. The bottom is broken ground, but is not too snaggy and there is not a great deal of tidal movement except on really big tides. There are plenty of rock edge marks to try if you are hitting too many snags.


November to April will see codling, whiting, small spurdog, dab and a few dogfish. May to October offers dogfish, small thornback ray, spurdog, whiting, codling, coalfish, gurnard and dab.


Mackerel is the main bait, but worms, squid, sandeels and mussels will catch fish.


You could use relatively light beachcasting tackle and a small Abu 6000-type reel or fixed-spool reel at most times, but it might be better to fish a bit heavier just in case something bigger takes your bait. A fast-retrieve reel will get your tackle back over the boulder and weed ledge on the edge of the deeper water.
A clipped-down single hook leger will get you into deeper water, give good bait presentation and a good chance of getting your gear and any fish back.


Loch Feochan lies a few miles south of Oban on the main A816 road and is easily accessible from the southern side via several lay-by. Access is also possible on the northern side at the Ardoran marina. The road sign notes this as a private road, but you can park in the car park and walk round to the left via the chalets.


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