London Rock is a winter low-water mark on the outside corner of the Heugh breakwater. You can fish into a big hole or try from the rocks on the other side. It is good in a slight sea when there is colour in the water and when any fish are close inshore. Fish three hours either side of low water, but watch for the water coming in behind you.


Anywhere between September and May will produce some good codling to 6lb or more, as well as the odd coalfish, eels and some big rockling. Summer is quiet, but a big low water will expose the far kelp beds when a big crab bait is sure to pick up at least a few codling from the heaviest ground on the left side of the hole.


Crabs, either fresh or frozen, will take codling at most times. Frozen crabs and lugworms will catch fish during November to March. Various worm cocktails take fish during mid-winter and any bait bulked out with a big ball of mussels is a winner for the codling.


Heavy ground means strong tackle. A good stiff rod and Abu 7000-type reel with 35lb line straight through, and a rotten-bottom attachment with a strong size 3/0 hook is the minimum required. Bites can be ferocious from these kelp codling, so try to hold your rod at all times, and be prepared to bully any fish out of the kelp. Waders are necessary because any swell can wash over the end of the flat rock.


Enter Hartlepool on either the A179 or A689, then take the A1049 to The Headland. You can park next to the nearby war memorial gardens and then access the beach via the ramp at the corner of the pier.


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Directions : Enter Hartlepool on either the A179 or A689, then take the A1049 to The Headland. Park next to the war memorial gardens
Season : September to May