Situated almost at the tidal limit of the River Tavy, an inlet off the Tamar, Maristow is the perfect area for winter flounder fishing. There is no water until 90 minutes on a neap tide over the printed low water time in Plymouth Sound, so allow two-and-a-half hours during springs. You can fish from your car at the boathouse area and further upstream from an embankment. Just beyond is Lopwell Dam where mullet can still be taken as late as mid- December. Fish as the tide arrives over high water and the first hour of the back run.


Flounder and mullet. The flounder average 1lb 8oz and a 2lb fish is considered a good fish.


Peeler and soft crabs and ragwormsw take most of the flounder. Tiny pieces of a ragworm, bread and maggots tempt the mullet in the dam area.


Use a light beachcaster or double-handed spinning rod of 10ft matched with a small multiplier or fixed-spool reel carrying 10lb line to a two or three-hook paternoster or light pulley rig. Hooks should not be bigger than size 1. A flat thin-profile lead weight is best for the soft mud bottom.


Maristow is to the north of Plymouth. Leave the A386 one mile beyond the Tesco store. Go left at the roundabout and follow the signs. The road is narrow with passing places.


Tackle & Bait, 93 Victoria Rd, St Budeaux, tel: 01752 361294.