The town of Mumbles is known for its pier and the public launch site at Knab Rock, but the head itself is an excellent fishing mark.

The Head consists of two tidal islands, with the lighthouse on the outer one. These islands are accessible for two hours either side of low water, though this depends on the size of tide and weather. Don’t cross when the tide is running. If you plan on fishing here, contact Swansea Coastguard, tel: 01792 366534. They will be able to tell you when or even if it is safe to cross.


This is an excellent bass venue from early spring until winter. As soon as the first crabs start to peel the bass move in.

A wide variety of species can be caught through spring, summer and autumn, including conger eels, dabs, dogfish, plaice, mackerel, garfish, mullet, rockling, wrasse, pollack and occasionally black bream, trigger fish and red mullet. In winter expect a few codling and whiting.


Either leger a peeler crab in the gullies or over the rough ground or fish one beneath a float. Other top baits for bass include whole squid, mackerel head and guts and a live sandeel.

Ragworms tempt wrasse and pollack, while lugworms and squid take cod. Frozen mackerel catches whiting. Bread or thin strips of fish plus plenty of groundbait attracts mullet.


A standard bass rod, rated for casting 2-4oz, is ideal for this venue, though a stronger rod rated for up to 5-6oz will be better if planning to fish at distance. Rigs incorporating a rotten-bottom are essential because the sea bed is rough.

Many anglers use their bass rods for float fishing and spinning, but I prefer a spinning rod rated for casting between 20-60g (1-2oz), for working plugs and spinners or when float fishing with a live sandeel.


Follow the coast road around Swansea Bay towards the Mumbles, then drive up the hill past the pier and park in a large, free car park on top of the head. It’s a short, but awkward, walk out onto the head, certainly not suitable for elderly, less able and unaccompanied juniors. If you plan to stay out on the head over high water be sure to take plenty of food, drink and warm clothes.


Country Stores, 3a Church St, Gowerton, tel: 01792 875050 or Swansea, tel: 01792 771000.
Mainwaring’s Angling, 44 Vivian Rd, Sketty, tel: 01792 202245.
Roger’s Tackle, Swansea Sea Angling Centre, Pilot House Wharf, Swansea, tel: 01792 469999.

Directions : Follow the coast road around Swansea Bay towards the Mumbles, then drive up the hill past the pier and park in the car park on top of the head

Season : Early spring to winter