Cod of up to 8lb are caught from these rocks, located between Buckie and Banff, and the marks at the far point produce good pollack. Some good conger eels can be caught at night.

The depth of water ranges from around 15-40 feet deep and are usually fishable in any conditions, other than a strong north-easterly.

There is nowhere that gets cut off at high water, but watch for the big waves when perched close to the edges because they appear from nowhere.


You can expect cod, pollack, coalfish, ballan wrasse, cuckoo wrasse, conger eels, ling and scorpion fish at this venue.


Almost any bait will produce something here. A cocktail of mackerel and mussels usually works best. Lugworms and ragworms take the pollack and wrasse. Mackerel flappers needed to tempt the conger eels.


You need a strong beach rod and a rough ground reel. Shockleaders are not required because many of the fish are at your feet, so power casting in unnecessary. A strong mainline, say 30-40lb, is recommended. Trace bodies should be 60-80lb. Pennell rigs are the norm with size 2/0-4/0 hooks, 20- 25lb snoods and a rotten-bottom attachment to minimise tackle losses. A 4-6oz breakout lead will hold well.


From Banff (A98) go through Portsoy and turn right after the playing fields. If approaching from Buckie, turn left before the playing fields as you enter the 30mph zone. Then take the third left and you are on the road to an old outdoor pool. There are several sharp right-hand bends and then you see a parking area. There is a white bungalow to the west with a track towards it. Walk past the bungalow and the track forks right to a stile. You can get down to the sea almost anywhere here, but take care when climbing down.

Directions : Approaching from Banff on the A98 go through Portsoy until you pass the playing fields opposite a filling station. Turn right after the playing fields. Follow the road and take the third left and you are on the road to the old outdoor pool. After several sharp right hand bends you will see a parking area