The huge expanse of shingle includes the Point, located in front of the newest lighthouse. Access to the Point and the beach between it and the trawlers is via a concrete road accessible to cars at weekends.

You can get to the beach south of the lighthouse on a walkway. The top of the concrete road parallel to the beach is popular because of it’s access. Further west along the main road you come to the area between the Coastguards and the power station. Do not drive on the beach.

Bass are caught in the summer and autumn. There are also pouting, mackerel, scad, eels, dogfish and soles in summer. From October onwards the whiting, pouting, dabs, dogfish and flounders arrive in bigger numbers. There is always a chance of cod because of the venue’s proximity to deep water.

Gutted black lug is the best bait, with a whole squid or a small live whiting the alternatives for big bass or cod.

Peeler crabs, white rag and rag do catch, but no more than lug. Add a tip of fish or squid for the dabs and whiting. Shellfish can be deadly after a gale, especially at the trawlers.

The tide at the rear of the power stations is not as strong as from the Point, and a standard 5oz breakout lead will hold bottom. The tide runs towards the east at high water and west during the ebb. The sea bed is clear except for the odd tackle snag.

Top terminal rig is a three-hook clipped-down paternoster or loop rig with size 1 Aberdeen hooks, although a Pennell rig is best for codling. Try a live bait rig after dark

Turn off the A259 towards Dungeness then on the B2075 towards Lydd. Head for the black lighthouse and park outside the gate to the concrete road. Access is also available around the road at the back of the power station.

Number of lakes/pegs : N/A

Prices : Free

Opening times : All Year Round

Directions : A259 towards Dungeness then B2075 towards Lydd

Season : All Year