It is thought that the Romans landed at Reculver in AD43, but the existing fort was built in the 3rd century while the two towers were rebuilt in the 12th Century style.

During World War II the Bouncing Bomb was tested at Reculver and there are traces of the test site and some deep indentations.

There is a public house, cafe, car park and toilets making Reculver a comfortable fishing mark for anglers of varying experience.

Large bolders have been introduced along the sea wall to aid sea defences. The Apron, which is in front of the towers, has always been an excellent mark for bass.

The sea bed here is predominantly clay, sand and mussel beds, but further to the right of the towers is a shingle beach with small groynes about 50 yards apart.

Further right is Coldharbour Sluice, which is good for smoothhounds and rays, particularly on an evening tide when the sea is calm.

A good time to fish for codling is three hours after high tide. Weed can present a problem at times.


Whiting and maybe codling likely during the winter.

Thornback rays, bass and smoothounds are the visitors during the warmer months.


Lugworms tipped with mackerel for whiting. Peeler crabs will catch bass and smoothhounds. Frozen sandeels, such as the Ammo green packet version, are good for the thornback rays.

A standard 12-13ft beachcasting rod with a multiplier or fixed-spool reel is required.

Use a two-hook flapper rig for whiting and cast out between 60 to 80 yards. The best rigs to use for smoothhounds and rays are a fixed paternoster or a pulley rig baited with either a whole peeler crab or a sandeel, then cast it about 80 to 100 yards.


Reculver is three miles east of Herne Bay off the A299 Thanet Way. To contact Reculver Country Park, Military Rd, Canterbury, tel: 01227 74067.


Ron Edwards Fishing Tackle, 52 High St, Herne Bay, tel: 01227 372517.
Opening times: Monday-Wednesday 7.30am-5.30pm, Tuesday & Saturday 7.30am-noon, Sunday 7am-noon.
Bait: Fresh lug and rag, plus frozen bait.

Directions : Take the A299 towards Ramsgate. The Reculver turning is signposted after Herne Bay. Turnings to Beltinge and Hillborough lead to Reculver and the car park
Season : Summer for eel, bass and flounder, winter for whiting and cod