The Staincliffe is the large expanse of rock and kelp directly in front of the Staincliffe Hotel at Seaton Carew.

Primarily a winter low water mark, it is best on at night when there is a easterly to northerly sea running.

The outer rocks – the Longscars – break the heavy seas and make it possible to fish the gullies and holes between the sandbars on an ebb tide. It is definitely an advantage to have a look at low water during daylight to find where any holes are located.

Calm conditions can produce the odd codling on big low tides.


Codling, including the odd big fish, are caught from September to March. Fishing off the top of the promenade at high water can produce codling and whiting at night, but distance casting is necessary. Some bass can be caught in summer.


Use crabs from September to November. At other times a big black lug and rag cocktail tipped with razorfish will catch plenty of fish. Bass fall to rag baits, while odd bigger bass take lures fished on the ebb tide.


Use a tough beach rod, 7000-size reel and possibly 35lb line all through when fishing the rocks. If fish are in the holes between the sandbars, you can fish a bit lighter. A lightly-tensioned grip lead holds bottom over the rocks if your casting is accurate enough to land in the holes. Otherwise stick to a plain lead. Use a strong pattern hook of at least size 3/0 for a crab and a similar size Pennell rig for worms.


There is plenty of safe parking in the Staincliffe car park or at the side of the road.

Directions : Plenty of safe parking in the Staincliffe car park or at the side of the road

Season : September to March for codling and whiting, summer for bass