Stout Point is a stubby black headland midway between Llantwit Major and Summerhouse Point.

It is not the easiest of marks to reach and getting there involves a long walk over large rounded boulders. Fishing from these, especially those near the low water mark, is an absolute nightmare. If you are looking for a couple of hours easy-fishing, forget Stout Point.


During the spring, summer and well into the autumn and early winter, expect spotted, small-eyed and thornback ray, plus an occasional blonde or stingray, and bass along with plenty of dogfish, conger eels, pouting, rockling and plaice.
It is an excellent winter cod and whiting venue, with the New Year period through to the end of winter being the optimum time to fish.


The best baits for ray, eels, whiting and dogfish are sandeels, along with various fish baits, plus squid and crab. Peeler crabs take smoothhound and bass, while winter cod are caught on fresh black lug tipped with squid, razorfish or whole squid.


Use either a fixed paternoster or pulley rig terminating in a rotten-bottom attachment; lost terminal rigs should be expected. Mid-range up to spring tides are best, though fishing during really big springs can be awkward due to the strength of tide and weed. The last three hours of the ebb and first of the flood produces most fish.


Take the A4265 from Barry to Llantwit Major and follow the brown tourist board signs for the beach car park. Stout Point is approximately a 20- minute walk to the east. Due to the nature of the ground, travel as light as you can and avoid walking directly beneath the cliffs due to the instability of the rock face. Care should always be taken to avoid having your retreat back to the car park cut off by a flooding tide.


Aspinall’s Angling Supplies, 36 Cross St, Barry, tel: 01446 742645.
Barry Angling Centre, 14 Park Crescent, Barry, tel: 01446 747638.
Ewenny Angling Supplies, 11b Ewenny Rd, Bridgend, tel: 01656 662691.
Porthcawl Angling Centre, 10 Dock St, Porthcawl, tel: 01656 772404.