The Folly and Wreck Hole are basically the same mark as one leads into the other as the tide ebbs.

The Folly is a large rock-filled hollow with the Wreck Hole at the end of a rock scar on the right-hand side.

You can fish the Folly from almost high tide back and then move onto the Wreck Hole as the Folly empties. Big ebb tides will see it empty altogether, whereas smaller ebbs usually provide enough water to fi sh all the time. It produces some big bags of codling every winter.


Any time between September and May will produce codling when there is coloured water and a moderate swell at the back end of a falling sea. Even calm conditions produce an odd fish at night. Daylight will produce fish, but night is best.

Codling average 3-4lb, with the occasional double-figure specimen expected.

Summer means small codling, coalfish and eels.


A big crab and mussel cocktail will take codling, coalfish and eels until early November. Frozen crabs and black lug will catch fish after this, but most fish will take a big lug and rag cocktail. Use crabs in April and May.


This area is tackle hungry, so a good stiff rod, such as a Cono-fl ex Nemesis, and an Abu 7000-type reel are needed. You don’t cast too far here, so a 35lb line straight through with a 25lb hooklength as part of a rottenbottom rig will be suitable. Use a strong hook, at least size 3/0, to bully fish out of the kelp.


Access is via the promenade and Marine Drive

You can park safely on the roadside and then walk down the ramp onto the rocks, which are midway along the promenade.


Anglers Services, 27 Park Rd, Hartlepool, tel: 01429 274844.

Friarage Tackle, 39 North Gate, Hartlepool, tel: 01429 273145.

John F Gent Ltd, 161 York Rd, Hartlepool, tel: 01429 272585.

North East Tackle Supplies Ltd, Mainsforth Terrace, Hartlepool, tel: 01429 272581.

Directions : Access is via Hartlepool promenade and Marine Drive. Park safely on the roadside and walk down the ramp onto the rocks, which are midway along the promenade
Season : Codling from September to May, summer for codling, coalfish and eels