A comfortable promenade situated in the mouth of the River Tyne, this venue offers fish virtually throughout the year.

With fairly deep water close in, fish can feed within casting distance, making it a popular venue with match and pleasure anglers.


During the winter, codling, whiting, coalfish, flounders and dabs can all be caught on a flooding tide. The venue is well sheltered from extreme sea conditions, and if there is a good swell running up the estuary, there is a good chance of cod to 8lb.

Daylight is just as productive as night tides, but try and avoid the larger tides as the pull may be too strong to hold bottom.

After a prolonged period of rainfall, debris can also be a problem that has been washed down river.


Lugworms, ragworms, mussels will all produce fish, but the best bait is undoubtedly peeler crabs fresh and frozen, although fresh will be preferred by codling and frozen by coalfish.

Whiting and flatfish will prefer worm baits tipped with mackerel, squid or bluey.

Spring time can see codling feeding well, especially if there is an early moult of peelers.

Summer will offer flounders and eels, as well as codling, to peeler crabs.

A normal 13ft or 14ft beachcaster will cope, along with a 6000 or 7000 size reel, although a faster retrieve reel will help lift your tackle above any snags that may be present. 5oz to 6oz breakout sinkers will suffice but if the tide is running stronger, then use spikes with longer wires.

Two hook rigs like a one-up-one-down are used here, but if bigger codling are around then use a Pennell up-and-over-rig, to keep your bait hard on the bottom.

Be aware that there are people’s homes overlooking the venue, so fish sensibly and don’t leave litter.

There is limited car parking at the entrance to the Walkway, but nearby car parks have ample space.


FRASER’S, 69 Coatsworth Rd, Gateshead, tel: 0191 4775950.

Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am- 5.30pm, Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 8am-noon.

Bait: Lug, rag and frozen bait.

ID FISHING, 137 Breinkburn St, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Tel: 0191 2763041 or 0191 2656945.

Opening times: Monday to Friday 8.30am-6pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, Sunday 8am-noon.

Bait: Lug, rag, frozen bait.

Number of lakes/pegs : –

Prices : –

Directions : On the A183 sea front road, head for South Shields. Keep on the sea front road and head for the Groyne which is a small jetty at the end of the estuary beach. The Walkway is just a short distance up river from here.