This stretch of steep shingle beach to the South of Deal fronts the Tudor style Walmer castle with the stretch at its northern end known as the Flats earning its name because of the block of flats behind it. A mixed clay, sand and stone seabed with ridges of clay exposed by the scouring onshore wind changing weekly throughout the year. Popular for both club and open events the venue is pegged (Numbers on the footpath) and forms part of the venue of the British Sea Angling Championships which takes places from Deal’s beaches in the autumn.


Pouting, dogfish, whiting, dab, flounder, rockling and codling are the main winter species with sole and the odd plaice in summer. Hot time for the codling is as the low tide floods whilst the best catches are usually made during the neap high waters when tides are weaker.
The tide floods north and ebbs south. Weed can prove a problem on the venue after an onshore gale, especially during the largest spring tides.


Due to the mixed nature of the seabed it pays to chose rigs carefully with a three hooked rig preferred in the clear spots. Most of the match anglers that fish the venue regularly prefer a three hook mono paternoster with size 1 or two hooks with flapping and clipped versions depending upon the distance fished. The venue can produce lots of fish at very close range during the spring tides and at night, whilst over the flood tide maximum range often finds the codling. Top baits include the local yellowtail lugworm and peeler crab which is deadly on occasions. A squid or fish tip catches the smaller species.


John’s Sea Tackle, 26 Dover Rd, Walmer, CT14 7JW, tel: 01304 389859.
Opening times: 7am-6pm Monday to Saturday, 7am-4pm Sunday.
Bait: Lugworms, ragworms, yellowtail lug and peeler crabs when available. Selection of frozen baits.

Pleasure Angling, 95 Beach St, Deal, CT14 6JE, tel: 01304 239191.
Opening times: 7.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Thursday, 7.30am – 6pm Friday to Saturday, 7.30am – 4pm Sunday.
Bait: Lugworms, ragworms plus frozen baits.

Channel Angling, North Toll House, Beach St, Deal, CT14 6HZ, tel: 01304 373104.
Opening times: 7am -5pm Monday to Thursday, 7am-6pm Friday to Saturday. Bait: Lugworms, ragworms, yellowtail lug and peeler crabs when available. Selection of frozen baits.

UK Fishing Tackle, 20 Victoria Rd, Deal, CT14 7AT tel: 01304 382220.
Opening times: 9am – 5pm Monday to Saturday, closed Sunday.
No bait available.
Email: Web:

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Directions : Take the A268 to Deal from the roundabout at the end of the A2 above Dover harbour. Into Walmer turn right at the large petrol station, the beach runs parallel to that road. There is parking on the roadside or in two large car parks, one is in front of Walmer Castle. Beware the carp park at the Flats is locked at night.