Situated in the middle of the Lulworth firing range, this mark hits form when the guns fall silent in January, when a big pollack is possible. A spring flood tide topping around 11pm on a calm evening is favoured, so there are only two weekends in January when it’s worth fishing. The firing ranges are open most weekends and occasionally on weekdays. Best area for a big pollack is 300 yards from the access point. There is a threequarters of a mile walk to the venue.


Double-figure pollack are the real prize during January. Other species include dogfish, pouting and poor cod from the clean ground. Rockling show from the rough section, while there is an outside chance of ray from the centre section of the bay during a mild winter.


A whole squid mounted on a Pennell rig is the method for pollack, which will very often just snap off the squid head. If there are any ray around, a sandeel is the best bait, but ragworms come out top for the pouting, rockling and poor cod. Dogfish take most baits.


Casting is not an important factor unless you are chasing the ray, with the pollack found around the 50-yard mark. Use a threehook paternoster rig for the lesser species. The ground is fairly clean unless you are fishing at either extremities or along the centre of the bay where heavier outfits will be required.


From Wareham take the A352 heading towards Swanage for about a mile before branching off to the right along minor roads leading towards Grange Heathe. Then enter the range road and, almost immediately after entering the ranges, you take a left turn heading for the deserted village of Tyneham. There is a large free car park. Follow the gravel track down to the beach.


Purbeck Angling, 28 South St, Wareham, tel: 01929 550770. Swanage Angling Centre, 6 High St, Swanage, tel: 01929 424989.

Wessex Angling Centre, 321 Wimborne Rd, Poole, tel: 01202 668244.